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Definition of a healthy neighborhood: A place where it makes economic and emotional sense for people to invest their time, energy and money – a place where neighbors can successfully manage day to day issues and are connected to each other in positive ways.

Reseda is a blank canvas.  The Reseda Renaissance welcomes anyone who wants to be part of seeing Reseda make a comeback.  Entrepreneurs and developers can fill the void that exists in the Valley by investing in one of kind eateries, live music venues, coffee houses, and galleries.   The Valley already has too many of the same franchises, corporate chains and box stores.  Be part of making Reseda the center for arts, culture, and creative community for the entire Valley.  Street musicians, public art, outside cafes, live music clubs, boutiques, independent book stores, open public spaces………a place that says, “Come to Reseda!”

For inspiration on what other communities have done to reinvent themselves, or for ideas on how you can be part of the Renaissance, click on these links (if you have ideas of your own, please share them with us on our Facebook page or by emailing us at

Civic Engagement

15 Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Better – ideas on how to generate community spirit

Seven Steps to Getting Communities Involved – tips on getting people to show up

5 Ways Arts Projects Can Improve Struggling Communities – five successful examples of how artists created community around the arts

How to Revive a Neighborhood – with imagination, beauty and art.

It’s Our City. Let’s Fix It – TED talk by urban activist Alessandra Orofino on how citizens can become more engaged in city politics using technology and old fashioned human connection.

How to Make an Attractive City – We’ve grown good at making many things in the modern world – but strangely the art of making attractive cities has been lost. Here are some key principles for how to make attractive cities once again.

Food and Dining

Coffee House – Have you been tossing the idea around about opening a coffee house in Reseda where people can congregate and listen to live music?  Here are 13 steps on how to do it!

Cafe Tu Tu Tango – food for the starving artist.  There used to be a Cafe Tu Tu Tango at Citywalk.  It was a great place for local, original art, shared appetizers and drinks, and a Spanish salon ambiance.  Building one in Reseda would be quite an attraction and people wouldn’t have to hassle with Citywalk parking.

Thank You for Coming: Building Community with Art and Food – Learn about what they’re doing in Atwater Village

Nana cafe embraces the talents of grandmothers – create comfort food and craft cafe made by women over 60 in Reseda!

Concept Cafes – get ideas from 10 unique cafes from around the world

Homeboy and Homegirl Cafe – open one in Reseda!

Florida Avenue Grill – landmark soul food restaurant in Washington DC where people of all races, religions and status sit side by side to share a meal. Another great idea for Reseda.

25 Bakeries Around The World You Have To See Before You Die – get inspiration for unique bakery ideas (another industry that the Valley needs more of)

A Restaurant That Serves Up A Side Of Social Goals – here’s an idea on how you can employ the unemployable – refugees and homeless people.

Three great new L.A. coffeehouses – more ideas for unique coffee houses in Reseda

Clown Bar –  a unique murder mystery themed bar in Pasadena with clowns.  For theatre buffs, a themed bar or dinner theatre would be a great attraction for the Valley!

Public Art

Before I die I want to……– engaging neighbors through public spaces

How painting can transform communities painting entire neighborhoods and involving everybody in the neighborhood in the process

City Hall should boost public art locally without overreaching – 1% arts development fee in L.A.

Glowing bike path – inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Tower 13: Paris street art space to be demolished  – a block of council flats that became a canvas for some of the world’s greatest street artists.

Public Spaces

How public spaces make cities work – planning parks people love

James Howard Kunstler: The ghastly tragedy of the suburbs – defining spaces worth caring about


Looking for artist designed bike racks in Easton – sample Call to Artists to design bike racks

The walkable city – how to become less dependent on cars


How have the arts restored your neighborhood? – a contest that the Hammer Museum conducted in 2013


Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming

Southern California bookstores make plans for James Patterson’s money – independent bookstores have a benefactor

How to quit Amazon and shop in an actual bookstore -rediscover one of life’s quiet pleasures

What the hell is a book bar?  Soon there will be one in Long Beach


In Search of the Perfect Pop Up – how San Francisco artists are getting their work shown in spite of the high cost of real estate

Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts (RRCA) – Millville was once just like Reseda, but not anymore

How to Set Up a Pop-Up Art Gallery in 7 Steps – Reseda has a lot of empty store fronts, perfect for pop up galleries!

Create an Alternative Exhibit Space – learn how they did it in Boston

Live Music

How to Run a Live Music Venue – tips on how to run a live music venue.

The Economics of Running a Live Music Venue – how to draw a profit from running a live music venue.

Top 10 Bars in Nashville – Music Row is a great place to do business and enjoy the sounds of some of the best music in the country.  The Valley doesn’t have a destination (yet) where people can choose from a variety of live music. Reseda can be that place.

Country Club – bring back the Country Club!

The Kids Are Alright…But Life Is Hard. Cobalt Cafe to Close After 23 Years – the west Valley is losing it’s only non-alcoholic night club.  Reseda should open an new one!

Arts Festivals

David Binder: The arts festival revolution – 21st century arts festivals are transforming cities

Art Scenes

Coachella Valley, once known as a place to retire in the California desert, is taking on a new spirit – art and design in Palm Springs

Can Detroit’s Vibrant Arts Scene Save the City? – can artists alone save a city in such a dire state?

Can the arts save struggling cities?  For the arts to be of real economic value, it needs to be local.

How to Build a Better Block – Jason Roberts single handedly transforms the bad part of Dallas into a plaza

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