What to expect from the inaugural tour

We’re ready!  The artists have prepared their studios.  Pop-ups have been created. 11:11 is ready. It’s time for the first ever open studio tour in Reseda!

Our local artists will receive public recognition and a chance to make direct sales.  Three of Reseda’s restaurants, our local framer, and our art supply store will all gain new customers once new people discover them as a result of this tour.  Two of our schools will be appreciated by members of the community without students attending these schools.  Two local arts organizations will be given a chance to receive more support.  The Reseda Renaissance will get stronger, and the arts and culture community in the Valley will gain more momentum.  This event is a win-win for everybody.

What to Expect

  • Students hard at work at Shishkin Art Studio, painting in oils, and a student exhibit. Master teacher, Shahin Mojtabi, will be on hand to answer questions about his school (ask about registration), and his own work which will be on display.  The studio is upstairs, behind the red door on the corner of the commercial building.
  • Sculptor Donald Gialanella will be working in his space, the Live Steel Studio, within the business district, talking to people about the commission he’s working on – a large piece for a children’s hospital in the California Central Valley.
  • The “We Love LA – Please Make it Better” portrait exhibit of city council members is on view at Councilman Blumenfield’s office.
  • Continental Art Supplies will feature a pop up exhibit in their education room, the Michealangelo mural painted by Levi Ponce is on the back exterior wall, AND Levi will be painting live during the tour on the facade of the building.
  • A wide variety of artists – traditional painters, expressionist painters, a photographer, a stained glass artist, a cartoonist, a psychic doing live spirit drawings, a pet portrait artist, a science fiction author, a paper doll artist, a jeweler, student art and demonstrations, murals, and over 150 other artists exhibiting at the SFVAA Gallery and the 11:11 Gallery.
Shahin Mojtabi
Shahin Mojtabi
Shahin Mojtabi

As you drive and walk around the business district, imagine opening your own cafe, independent book store, boutique, night club, or art gallery, and then go home at the end of the day and figure out how to do it. With Sherman Way designated as one the Mayor’s Great Streets, $20 million recently secured from unused CRA funds to be spent on Reseda, three CRA properties open soon to RFPs that will not be going to the highest bidder, but will be awarded to developers who propose projects in line with what the community supports, a grassroots effort to revive Reseda through the arts and creative entrepreneurship, this is the perfect time to be thinking about opening up some sort of one of a kind business!

Be sure to get a 20% off coupon at Picture Perfect framers (on the map) and check out the new wood stove pizzeria, “Flame”, under construction next door (and get a few delectables at See’s a few doors down while you’re there!).

Check out the points of interest on the map, too, and keep an eye out for yarn bombs!

Tickets (map and wrist band) can be purchased for a $10 donation (all of which goes to the Academy of Arts and Technology at Cleveland High School) at the 11:11 Gallery Friday from 1-9 p.m. or any time after 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Thank you again to all of our sponsors for this tour:  Councilman Bob Blumenfield, the Reseda Neighborhood Council, Bold Business Works, Revitalize Reseda, Valley Cultural Center, and Wellmax Computer.

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2 Responses to What to expect from the inaugural tour

  1. Lokrantz Special Education Center is very excited for this opportunity to share their hidden art treasures in Reseda. Join us for a mural and installation tour, a school picnic, live music at 1PM, and a clown performance at 2PM. We have murals, functional artwork, and more for you to enjoy! We will surprise you!
    Thank you Reseda Renaissance for this celebration of our local creative spirit!

  2. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked hard to organize the studio tour. It was a success! Bravo!

    My studio had a steady flow of interesting and inquisitive people throughout the day. I enjoyed meeting them, hearing their comments and answering questions.

    Can’t wait till the next tour, it’ll be bigger and better!

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