The Reseda Renaissance

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The Reseda Renaissance is a group of artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who formed to facilitate a rebirth for Reseda via the arts.

Vision Statement

Reseda is located in the center of the San Fernando Valley. It was once a thriving community with a strong business district, a roller rink, a concert venue, and a theatre.

Reseda has history.

Reseda can rise again as the cultural heart and center of the Valley, with a rebirth of our rock n roll history, unique, individually owned businesses and boutiques, murals and public art, art galleries, one of a kind eateries and coffee houses, night clubs, art events and festivals. Reseda will be the destination place for Valley residents in search of unique dining, shopping, arts, and culture.

As with the Italian Rennaissance, the Reseda Renaissance uses the arts, sciences, philosophy, plus contemporary, independently owned unique businesses to rejuvenate itself.

Through the arts, and built up by individual points, Reseda itself will be rediscovered.

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Read about how the Reseda Renaissance got started here.

April 14, 2015¬†was Arts Day LA – artists spent the day at City Hall lobbying their city council representatives to support the arts in LA. In Aloe Blacc’s 5 minute speech, he asks city council to identify who the artists are in their districts to serve as liaisons between them and the arts community. The Reseda Renaissance and the many artists involved in it are the liaisons for the arts in Reseda. Councilman Blumenfield as been very receptive and supportive.


Founding Members of the Reseda Renaissance

Spike Dolomite Ward, Managing Director
Susie Fabrocini, Director of Finance
Chloe Cumbow, Exhibitions Director
Kimberly Maxwell, Director
Ken Ronney, Director
Ken Erbeznik, Director

Jorge Alvarado, Graphic Designer


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